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Hey there,


12 weeks of private coaching to dissolve the mindset blocks holding you back from creating the abundant, soul-aligned business of your dreams.


Book a free consultation now to apply. 


What is the Mind Reset?

Mind Reset for Soul-Driven Business Owners

You left the 9-5 for the dream in your heart to create a business (and a lifestyle) that feeds your soul.


The one that allows you to work from anywhere, set your own hours, raise your financial ceiling, and wake up every morning feeling utterly fulfilled.


One problem…the years of corporate conditioning went with you.


You still question your decisions, measure yourself against others,
wait for permission, and think you have to work hard in order to find success.

You can’t have the same mindset and successfully own your business with the confidence and conviction it takes to succeed.


You need a reset. 

Imagine what’s possible when you go from questioning yourself every day, "Is this really going to work" actually having a business that works for you. One with the impact and income you dream of without having to “work hard” and risk the burnout, pressure, and self-neglect that comes from our hustle society. 


Hi, I'm Kay

A Certified Rapid Reprogramming, aka. Mind Reset Coach who helps women get from confusion, procrastination, and fearing: “Is this dream really going to work?” to running a profitable, sustainable business by rewiring the subconscious stories running on autopilot in her mind.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

You were previously employed in a full-time job for years.


You grew up thinking you had to make all A’s, go to college, and start a career to make money and contribute to society. So that’s what you did. But year, after year the work (and the lifestyle) became increasingly unbearable. You felt drained and disillusioned. 

You thought to yourself: “Is this really all there is?”

You decided that you needed more, and you deserved to find it. 


So you courageously turned in your resignation, and left the “work for the weekends” culture behind to become your own boss.


On a soul level you knew that there had to be a better way to live life.
And you were brave enough to go after it.

Fast forward:


You’ve been in business for 3-5 years. You’ve taken all of the courses, read the books, listened to the podcasts, hired the marketing and business coaches.

Only, it still doesn’t look like how you thought it would.
It’s harder than you imagined. Success (and consistency) seems to be eluding you. 

You feel confused on what steps to focus on which looks like: procrastination, imposter syndrome, and analysis paralysis

At times, you are so confused on what to do that you just don’t do any of it. 

Instead you put time and energy into side jobs to make up for loss of income.

Or how about saying yes to every opportunity that comes along thinking it will move you forward, when it only ends up holding you back. 



How do I know?


Because I was just like you. 

I felt the call. I took the leap. 


And I have never looked back…despite the first few years feeling overwhelmed, isolated, confused, and an insane pressure to succeed.


Let me guess: you have all the road maps from everyone else, but you still feel unclear on the right path for you?


Confused about what steps to focus on, and isolated without a support network.


Friends and family don’t understand what you are going through.

Instead, they seem to be worrying about you more.


Asking: “When are you going to go back to work?” or “Shouldn’t you get a real job”. (My personal favorite. Cut like a knife every time.)


But here’s what you know: you’re never going back


This business is a part of you on a soul level.

Going back now would mean turning your back on yourself and your purpose.


And that is simply not an option. 


This. Has. To. Work.

It can. I have faith in you. (and your dreams)

Get there by reprograming the subconscious barriers holding you back.


Do this and you will create the sustainable, successful, fulfilling business you envisioned.

Your Investment

3 Monthly Installments 
Save $175

Book a "Free Consultation" now to apply.

If we both agree that it feels like a good fit you will be invited to join the program.

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