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The Mind Reset

Helping soul-driven entrepreneurs clear limiting beliefs to unleash their full potential.

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Mind Reset for Soul-Driven Business Owners

You left the daily grind to create a dream business that feeds your soul and lights you up. 


The business that allows you to work from anywhere, set your own hours, raise your income, and wake up every morning feeling utterly fulfilled. 


One problem…the dream is harder than you thought - success and consistent sales elude you, you question every decision, spend too much time comparing yourself to others, wait for permission to make decisions, and look to others to validate those decisions. 


Let me tell you what I know.

This dream of yours is within reach. But the beliefs and actions that made you successful in the workplace will not support you as an ambitious business owner. 


You need a mental reset.

I am a Mind Reset Coach for Conscious Business Owners. I help women like you go from doubt, confusion, procrastination, and thinking “Is this dream really going to work?” to running a profitable, sustainable business.

Imagine what’s possible when you go from questioning yourself every day…wondering if this is really going to actually having a business that sustains you.

One with the impact and income you dream of without having to “work hard”, risk burning out, and the self-neglect that comes from our hustle society.

Does this sound familiar?

You were previously employed in a full-time job.


You grew up thinking you had to make all A’s, go to college, and land a full time position to make money and contribute to society. 


So that’s what you did. 


But year, after year the work (and the lifestyle) became increasingly unbearable. You felt drained and disillusioned. 

“Is this really all there is to life?”

You decided you needed more and you deserved to find it. 

With more courage than you knew existed, you turned in your resignation. And just like that, you officially moved out of the “work for the weekends” culture to become your own boss.

You are one of the brave souls who dared to live life on your terms. To take more time for yourself, your family, and doing what matters most to you. Purposefully aligned, and committed to making a difference.  

Fast forward:


You’ve been in business now for a few years. You’ve taken all of the courses, read the books, listened to the podcasts, hired the marketing and business coaches.

Only, it still doesn’t look like how you thought it would.
It’s harder than you imagined. Success (and consistent sales) seem to be eluding you.

Friends and family ask:

“When are you going to go back to work?” or “Shouldn’t you get a real job”.


But here’s what you know: you’re never going back

How do I know?


Because I was just like you. 

I felt the call. I took the leap. 


And I never looked back…despite the first few years feeling overwhelmed, isolated, confused, and an anxious pressure to succeed.


This business is a part of you on a soul level.

Going back now would mean turning your back on yourself and your mission.

And that is simply not an option. 


This. Has. To. Work.

Let me shed some light on why it hasn’t been working… 



In order to find your path to success it’s time to look at your subconscious programming. 


The key to achieving massive growth and consistency is not to follow someone else’s recipe for success. It is to uncover and reprogram the limiting thoughts running on a loop in your own mind. 


Thoughts like:

What if I can’t do this?

What will they think?

Everyone else is so much farther ahead than I am. 

I can’t charge that much. No one would pay that.


The thoughts and fears running on autopilot in your subconscious mind dictate what you believe is possible.



If you’re procrastinating…If you’re confused…If you’re feeling imposter syndrome…If you’re afraid that maybe you weren’t cut out for this…

It’s not your fault.
It’s your conditioning. 


And you can do something about it.

The reasons why you procrastinate, feel overwhelmed and confused are because of the subconscious programming running in the background of your mind. Especially, if you were pre-conditioned by the competitive, 9-5, hustle culture we grew up in.


You can’t hack this. You have to deal with it. 

There is no way around it. 

It is my job to help you reprogram your subconscious conditioning to erase the resistance so that you can see the answers are already inside of you, mirror them back to you, and support YOU to decide what you do with them.

~ Kay Miller

   Mind Reset Coach

Introducing The Mind Reset: 


I use Rapid Reprogramming, a certified subconscious reprogramming technique, to help you uncover and reset the limiting beliefs unique to you and your business. 


What can you expect?


The process is simple, anyone can do it. But it takes commitment.

Like anything worth doing, when you develop a consistent practice is when you will see the most benefit. When you do, this is what you might expect by the end of our 12 weeks together. 

The Mind Reset is designed to help you:  
  • Show up more authentically and confidently in your business. 

  • Trust yourself to make more aligned business choices.

  • Prioritize your time so that you can stop putting energy into projects that take away from the success of your business.

  • Confidently receive money for your work so that you can live the life you dream of without feeling greedy, selfish, or sleazy.

  • Create a business (and lifestyle) plan unique to you, so that your business can evolve and grow without burning you out in the process.


  • 3 Months of 1-on-1 support with me

  • 12 weekly, (60 minute) private sessions

  • + Private voice messaging for support between sessions Monday-Friday

  • Journal workbooks and audio lessons supporting you to uncover your unique and deeply rooted limiting beliefs

Choose Your Investment:
  • $2,000
    Pay In Full to Save $175


  • $725
    3 Monthly Installments

Become the master of your success now.

Heres' What I Know:

Your business cannot survive without your unwaivering self-belief.

"Before working with Kay, I had a lot of self doubt and fear as I entered my new career and lifestyle of making my own schedule and being my own boss.

Now, I am now much more confident in the direction I am going. Before, there were many insecurities regarding my business getting in the way of growth.

I no longer have those insecurities and now I have the tools to overcome them when they do present themselves again. 


I feel excited because now I have the confidence and mindset to continue to push forward in what I need to do for my business, rather than stay stagnant and comfortable.


Kay has given me the tools to change my mindset when I have setbacks that are inevitable when owning a small and creative business. I also feel more balanced because
I can make decisions that benefit me, and decide what I need to prioritize, without guilt or fear.


If anyone is doubting themselves regarding their business, productivity or money mindset, I highly recommend doing this work with Kay. She will help you push the doubts and questions aside to move forward in growing and developing your business. This work has not just helped me with my business, but in every aspect of my life."



Jewlrey Designer

Heartstring Designs

After working with me you could....

Release the fear over what others think.

This step infuses confidence, excitement, and purpose back into your work. We are aiming to create an unshakeable belief in yourself and the value of your gifts to the world.  


Gain confidence in selling and pricing your work. 


When you release the resistance around money, income, and self-belief, you can see that your success is certain. It's just a matter of time. 


While it is true that you cannot control others when it comes to money you can control how you are triggered, and how you respond to those triggers.

By reprogramming limiting beliefs around money (and sales) you can take control of your money story and start earning the income you know is possible.


Do the things that light you up and still have a thriving business…so that you can keep doing your dream job for as long as you choose to. 


Create your business your way.


Playing to your strengths will light the way.


When you release the programming that believes “you have to work hard & hustle in order to be successful” you will find that it really can be easy. 


Discern what boundaries are uniquely needed for you. Then put them into action with my support.

If your business is a part of you, then you must take care of yourself in order for that business to thrive. This means caring for yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The more successful you are, the more important it becomes to maintain boundaries.

PS: If this hasn’t worked for you in the past it is evident you have resistance that needs to be cleared first. 


You can choose your own hours, set the boundaries, prioritize your needs, and make bank

Isn’t that why you started this business in the first place?

Apply Now for The Mind Reset

Book your Free Consult to Apply 

If we both agree that it feels like a good fit you will be invited to join the program.

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This program is for you if...

  • You come from a family that believes in the value of hard work.

  • You held a traditional job for years, decades even.

  • You left to create the soul driven, purposeful business that would allow you to live and work the way you want.

  • You’ve struggled in that transition from “work life” to entrepreneurship. Finding it hard to confidently take ownership of your business and success.

It's perfect for you if:

Your business is a part of who you are.
You cannot not bring it to life, and there is no going back.

This isn't for you if you’re looking for someone else’s shortcut to success, funnels, or marketing advice.

The Mind Reset program is not a business strategy approach.


I do not offer business how to’s or templates. 


You already have that information from the freebies, podcasts, coaching, & courses you’ve already consumed. (Which won’t work as well for you until you do the deeper work holding you back.)

What I offer is a way to take the cobwebs out of your mind so that you can see your own answers, and support you as you choose what to do with that information:

where to go, 
what steps to prioritize &

how to build your unique path to success.

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Divorce Recovery Strategist 

Certified Life Coach 

Founder of HerDivorceProject

"Before The Mind Reset program, I wasn’t aware just how much my leftover corporate mindset (from a 25 year long career in Big Pharma) was affecting the growth of my Divorce Coaching practice. I wasn't able to fully embrace my intuition and my creative gifts.


During my first session with Kay, we started digging into my old subconscious stories about money, success, relationships, and self-worth.  This “programming” was getting in the way of my development as an entrepreneur. 

If I hadn’t done this program, I would still be blocking my own growth and success


Now, I have tools to coach myself through most of my trouble-spots.  I’ve found the confidence and self-trust to move forward in business in ways that feel authentic and aligned with my vision and heart. 


The L.O.V.E. method is truly transformative! "


How much time will I have to invest?

Outside of weekly one on one sessions, you can expect to work on self-beliefs about an hour or more each week. (Suggested: 15 minutes a day, several days a week. Just like starting any new practice, we will start small and work our way up.)

How long will it take?

This is ongoing work. Years of repetitive thoughts and programming will not disappear overnight.
(Bummer, I know.)

You have to put in the work outside of our sessions in order to get the full benefit, and be committed to continuing the process on your own for future upleveling.


The program is delivered over the course of 12 weeks, but we can continue our work together for as long as you want.

You will find all the information you need in the program to combat limiting beliefs for every uplevel you or your business face. There is an option to keep coaching after the program is complete if you choose to. 

The answers that you are searching for, on how to run your business for long-term fulfillment, joy, ease, and success cannot be found in someone else’s road map.

This is about finding your road map.


Hi, I'm Kay

I teach purpose driven entrepreneurs how to identify and reset the beliefs that hold them back so they can make a positive impact in the world. 

My mission is to help women thrive (financially, physically, and spiritually) while sharing her authentic gifts with the world. I help you create a business (& lifestyle) with balance, well-being, and fulfillment.

Book a free session to explore working together.

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