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What if fear was just an illusion?

This is a pretty abstract idea so stick with me on this one. You have goals, big goals that matter to you. And they are getting pushed aside or buried because of a natural instinct to fear the unknown. So here’s my promise: The insight in this article will help you make sense of your fears, name them, and understand what you need to move past them so that they can’t hold you back, and secretly sabotage your progress, anymore.

I’m sharing a personal story of fear with you in hopes that it will empower you to dismantle your own.

Because anything worth doing takes a little risk, but what’s waiting on the other side is always worth it. And I believe you are worthy of everything you dream of.


Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the fear of success.

This one has been taking up space in my head for far too long.

What exactly is fear of success? It sounds crazy, but it is a common term referred to in the self-development industry.

Though it may sound ridiculous to the conscious mind, it is a very real underlining fear that holds people back from reaching their goals.

Whether that's a goal to make more money, lose weight and get in shape, try a new hobby, or start a new job/business. The subconscious fear causes them to self-sabotage, make excuses, and get distracted. A feeling I know all too well.

But when it comes down to it, It’s really just a fear of change. Fear of the unknown. As you and I both know, nothing epic ever happens within our comfort zone.

In order to make big things happen, you gotta take a little risk.

And that feels scary.

Sometimes really scary. It can paralyze us. At the very least, keep us stuck in the same patterns over and over again (even though we desperately want to change them).

In this case, my overactive mind was cycling back and forth over playing it safe or “go big or go home”. And it was exhausting!

I had to put a stop to it.

So I pulled out my journal and wrote out the truth. (Bringing an idea from my head to the paper helps me identify it and see it for what it is. This is why journaling is essential to my mental health and self-improvement.)

This is what came out:

“If the Fear of Success is keeping you small, imagine this instead....what if there was nothing to fear because success is only an illusion?”

It is just an illusion.

Wait, what? How can that be?

Because with every step you learn and grow. I like to think of it as up-leveling.

But it is still you. The same you that you are today. You just grew a bit with each step. You learned a little more and stretched yourself within what you were capable of at the time. You don’t actually change, not really.

Does the way you show up for yourself change? Yes, but for the better.

Do the things around you change? Yes, but in the “highest good for all” way of change. In the sense that when you’re no longer at a match for something it falls away.

I’ve seen this in action plenty of times.

I'm sure you have too.

It’s nothing to be afraid of.

Think back to experiences or relationships that you simply grew out of. Naturally, they just fell away. Didn’t they? You lost touch or they lost touch. You lost a job that was no longer serving you. A door closed because it was time for you to move on to the next opportunity. It’s how you are guided to what is meant for you.

So if you’re feeling called to reach for something, but find yourself paralyzed by the fear of change, and stuck in the mental loop of “what if’s”, just remember: There really is nothing to fear. Because the fear of change is just an illusion. It is safe to go where you are led.

Try this mantra on and see how it feels for you:

Are you ready to go deeper on this and bust past the fears that are keeping you in a never ending holding pattern of sabotaging behaviors to get more intentional about the time you have here? Book a consultation and let's talk about it.

I can help you reprogram the fears and beliefs that are holding you back so that you can accomplish the lifestyle and work you dream of. Reserve your free consult now.

Okay, I shared mine. Now it's your turn. What is the biggest fear holding you back?

Leave a comment and tell me. I really want to know.

So much love to you.




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