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The Trust Walk

As part healthy habits mentor, and part spiritual guide to my clients, I feel that it is important to share with you what I believe in; to disclose where I am on the very personal journey of faith. Every day is an opportunity to measure our faith. Some days are easier than others. Like you, I have days when I can easily surrender, and hand over every bit of my life in absolute faith that I am taken care of in every possible way. On these days I happily recite my favorite mantra I picked up from Oprah: “Everything is always working out for me.” Then I have days where the headstrong mom, trying to do it all, takes over. The part of me that needs to have control will take back whatever she’s entrusted to faith like an impatient child. Or more accurately, like the overwhelmed mother doing what she believes has to be done in order to keep everything afloat. You see, every day is a walk of faith whether we recognize it or not. Through the trials of life, we find our strength and emotional maturity. At rock bottom of burnout, overwhelm, and exhaustion I found myself. Because that was the moment I dared to consciously question everything I thought I knew. I questioned my faith. I questioned the “footprints in the sand” because it certainly didn’t feel like I was being carried or cared for in that moment. And I questioned the teachings and beliefs that were entrusted to me as a child. Sure, it’s what I was taught to believe, but what do I believe? Over the years of searching, I’ve gained a lot of understanding… About emotional awareness. About what it actually means to surrender to the things that I cannot change, i.e. control. About personal boundaries as an act of self-love. About self-compassion and empathy for others. Here is what I now know to be true (for me)…and these are the values that guide me.

  1. In order to experience a personal relationship of faith in anything, questioning your beliefs are imperative. What belongs to you vs. what you are conditioned to believe is discernment. You cannot know what you truly believe, or what your answers are until you start to question what is there.

  2. Other people can have different viewpoints. And that’s okay. God (the original creator) created each drop of the ocean, each speck of soil, each species and cell. And all are created differently with a unique function or purpose intentional for growth. With that theory in mind, God also created different ways for each of us to find our way to understand and relate to the one expression of love which is God the Creator. My way is my way. It does not need to be the only way. And there is no “right” way.

  3. Jesus is my teacher. I am my own savior. Jesus came to Earth without the veil that the rest of us come with. He came knowing the truth of the Universe, the truth of God, and knowing what was waiting for him. He came to Earth during a time of dramatic turmoil, much like today, to impart the wisdom of truth to us. And thousands of years later we are just starting to unmask the true meaning of his parables and understand his true meaning from the stirring deep within our own intuition. He is the alchemist of love and teacher of light. I learn how to see others through his influence. I learn how to have faith in manifestations that don’t yet seem possible. Like feeding 5,000 with 5 fish and 5 loaves of bread. Or believing that someone can be well when all I can see is their illness. For me, it’s not so much about learning through gospel stories…Sure those are great, but they only tell you part of the story. I consume the lessons I seek by asking and listening for Christ Consciousness within me, my heart. This is what a personal relationship with Christ means to me.

  4. I am my own Creator. Because I am an expression of God: I create. I am the hands and feet of God in human form, meant to experience this world for the expansion of all. And my friend, so are you. Together we bring the expression of God to life. Together we are here to create heaven on Earth.


I hope you feel safe to take my hand and trust that we were brought together for a reason. I hope you feel ready to create life rather than survive it. If that is true, then I’m your girl. I can take you on that journey. I will walk with you. And when you cannot go on, I will stand with you. I will help you to embrace all of you. I will guide you to understand the creative power and self-compassion within you. Are you ready?

Then don’t put it off, schedule your first session now and I will show you how. If this resonated with you I’d love to know about it. Please comment below or send me an email. If you have your own personal story to share, please consider sharing it in the comments so we can cheer you on.


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