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"The Great Resignation": What's really happening around the globe is deeper than we realize.

They’re calling it “The Great Resignation”:

In 2021, during the height of the Covid Pandemic, 47.8 million American workers said sayonara to their day-job.

Much of that initial reaction can be linked to fears and conflicts we all painfully remember. (Hello, remote schooling. How can we forget?)

But is there more to this story?


I believe that what we are seeing is a shift from the competitive, pressured, “hustle” of work culture into what we’ve termed “the new normal” of a slower, more enjoyable way of life.

According to statistics, the numbers still reflect resignation and turn-over today. And we can see that evidence in our daily life.

"We're Hiring" notices are up everywhere.

Just this past March 4.5 million Americans resigned, with another 4.3 million reported leaving in May.

It’s not just Americans leaving the workforce, either. We are seeing dramatic rates of job resignation across the globe “with one in five workers globally planning to quit in 2022.” -


What’s happening?

And where are they all going?

“The Great Resignation”, was coined in 2020 by Anthony Klotz, an associate professor at Texas A&M University.

Lack of pay and advancement opportunities are among the highest reasons for turn over. Another is lack of flexibility.

What it comes down to is employee satisfaction. Our human pursuit to demand a better definition of work/life balance.

Pandemic life catapulted us into the future of that definition.

The "hustle hard, work hard” culture we were raised in is no longer sustainable.

It is competitive.

It is pressured.

It leads to high levels of anxiety and panic attacks in an effort to over produce, and outperform.

Pandemic work culture showed us new possibilities.

It highlighted a slower way of life. A grueling 40+ hour work week, meeting someone else’s bottom line, just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Not when we know something more sustainable and fulfilling is out there. We dared to dream of what that might look like.



No financial ceiling.

Being your own boss. These are what came to mind for me.

The statistics and surveys give voice to lack of flexibility and low pay. On paper, that is exactly why I left the teaching profession in 2019.

But I believe it goes much deeper than that. I believe that on a human level, we are collectively experiencing a call to change how we live and work. It stirs within us from the heart and the soul.

I believe this is an integral part of our evolution. We are entering the next phase whether we choose to be aware of it, or not.

Some of us are pretty good at ignoring that internal nudge.

But if you are anything like me, there comes a point where you just cannot ignore it any longer. The pull is too deeply felt, and you know that you need something more.

For me this knowing feels like pursuing awareness, over life on autopilot, and nurturing ourselves on a more holistic level that carries over into every aspect of life.

For some, this new way might mean keeping a job we love doing, but finding a way to do it without the hustle and bustle. In a way that allows us to grow and nurture ourselves along the way.

For others of us, it means turning to a new way of life, altogether. One with complete freedom to do things differently, on our own terms, working the path out as we go, following the journey to discover the soul’s purpose.

So to answer the question: Where are they going?

This is where.

Over 5 million new businesses were started in 2021.

5.4 million Americans decided this is the time to live differently.

It’s a brave new world, friend.

One where we honor daring to dream, and holding ourselves accountable for creating the life we love.

I, for one, am damn proud to be here for it. I am holding a supportive space for whatever that vision looks like for you as you consciously move forward.


How does this resonate with you? Do you feel the call too?

How do you feel right now about your work/life balance? What are you struggling with? Have you felt the call to follow a deeper purpose? What is that, can you name it yet? DM me and tell me. I'd really love to know.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime you want to talk about this. I'm here for you.

Much love,





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