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Manifestation: My Thought Based Approach that Works

This sexy little word has gained a lot of attention in the last several years. Gaining in popularity by women and men alike, who dream of taking control of their life experiences to create ones that feel more free, more fun, and more aligned with the vision they dream for themselves.

Keenly aware that life means more than living out the concept:

"You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit."

Wanting more than life on autopilot, making a conscious intention to live life differently.

To live on purpose.

Is that you?

It’s definitely me.

I’ve read the books, done the courses, and listened to a ton of podcasts on the subject of creating your best life. And I dare say, I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

There are a few core understandings you need to know.

Full disclosure, most of what I refer to here I’ve learned by listening to Abraham Hicks recordings. You can find a multitude of them on Youtube. I have a few favorites saved for sharing. If you’re interested in where to start just message me and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Now, on to the story.

Here’s what you need to know right now to start attracting all the goodness to live your best life, on your terms, fulfilling purpose and freedom.

  1. You attract what you are a match for. What you are not a match for will fall away.

What does that mean?

Whatever you focus your attention (and feelings on) is what you become aligned to. The more you focus on it, the more of it you see.

Always focused on debt and bills, you will constantly see more debt and bills.

Always focused on money and opportunities popping up for you, you will always see money and opportunities popping up for you. The more appreciation you feel for the good things in your life…the more good things show up.

On the other hand, if you harbor frustrations and let them control your focus you will experience more opportunities to be frustrated.…over, and over, and over again. Can I get a "hell yes" to always finding socks on the floor and wondering where they come from...and why I keep picking them up? (Just kidding, I know where they come from, but you get the idea.)

Be conscious about your intention.

Try focusing on:
  • What you want to feel/see/be/do/have instead of what frustrates you. (Focus on the feelings you intend to feel.) Here are a few of mine to give you an idea: I intend to feel supported and engaged in my personal relationships. I like things and opportunities that make my life feel easy, luxurious, and fun. I love doing things that make me feel connected to myself and others.

  • Focusing on What you want to feel is the key, not How to get there. How is none of your business.

This is a hard one to take in, and it’s number 2 of what you need to know.

Whose responsibility is it? How do I stop thinking I need to force it in order to achieve it?

2. Stay out of The How’s. “How” something should happen is Not your job.

I know. This is a tough one.

It goes against all we’ve been taught about making something happen, and our responsibility to take action for ourselves.

This one is also a little more complex.

Because life does require action on your part. You can’t sit at home binging on chocolate and Netflix all day and expect to generate an income…or maybe you can? If so, that sounds lovely and I’d want to hear all about it.

The action I’m referring to is not the kind of hustle mentality we were taught growing up.

Instead, think: Inspired Action.

Follow what feels good, what feels right for you. Listen to your gut.

You can trust yourself, I promise.

Your inspired instincts cannot (and will not) lead you astray…it is your overly critical mind, stepping in to squash it, that cannot be trusted.

"So what is my job then?" It is your job to be clear about what you want > to feel, to experience, to have, to be. Lean into those feelings. Appreciate even the smallest examples of them when they show up in your day.

It is God’s/The Universe’s job to support you. Aka. The Hows.

“Let Go and Let God.”

Ever heard this one before? This was a popular saying in the youth groups of my Episcopal upbringing and remains a constant mantra for me now. One I see frequently referred to in forums on manifestation.

God has Infinite Possibilities and Immediate Synchronicities. IF you choose to believe in it.

And there’s the catch, my friend.

You have to believe in this infinite capacity of the divine to support you, to know exactly what you need and how to direct you to the path.

You don’t make the manifestation appear.

You allow it. The chance encounters, the opening doors that lead to its unfolding.

In short, you get out of the way.

How do you do that?

You choose to believe that when you ask for it, it is given. A done deal. It’s yours.

Sidenote: This is a well known Abraham Hicks teaching. See the book Ask and it is Given for more on this subject. It's a good one. I highly recommend putting it on your Audible list to listen while folding laundry or sitting in the carpool line.

The key here is that you have to believe you are worthy of it.

You don’t just want it, you deserve it.

This is where we tend to get caught up in a lot of resistance. It feels uncomfortable and even painful to want it. This is because for conscious or subconscious reasons we don’t believe we deserve it. It is my job and my mission, as a subconscious belief coach, to help you to chip away at that resistance.

Our job is to sift through the buffet line of life's experiences. Pick out what we want. And believe we can have it.

To believe that we are good enough for the gourmet filet without thinking “Well, that filet sounds good, but I’ll just stick to the chicken because it’s what I’m used to. If I deserved the filet then someone would give me the filet.”

No, no, no…You want what you want. And you are allowed to have it.

But you have to believe that you are allowed. It can’t just be that someone told you.

Self-belief is the key.

So put a smile on your face, sift through the buffet line, make your choice, then allow God/The Universe to do its job of handing it to you, i.e. opening the right doors at the right time, leading you on the right path.

This takes trust, my friend. But I promise, it is always worth it. I'm leaving you with my favorite mantra. One that has shown true in good times and in bad and remains my constant belief: "Everything is always working out for me." Do you believe this? Message me and let me know. I'd love to help you answer any questions that come as you learn to embrace this concept.


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