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Making Time for Joy

As summer comes to a close and we are busy-ing ourselves buying uniforms, backpacks, and other supplies, I find myself reflective on how fast the time goes.

It reminds me of a country song that often plays on a loop in my head, “Only Here for a Little While”. I’m not sure where I picked up this song, but it certainly stuck with me. It’s about taking it one day at a time and not putting off the things that matter.

It reminds me to honor the season I’m in.

I have big plans, big dreams, and big passion to back them up.

Sometimes the achiever in me (linked to the hustle mentality we were raised in) causes me to feel like I should be doing more.

I’m not succeeding if I’m not pushing.

I’m not growing if I’m not actively doing.

It causes me to forget to celebrate where I am.

Instead, I’m often looking for the next thing I “should” be doing. Then I feel resentful that I can’t put as much time and energy into my work. Therefore meaning: “I must be doomed to fail.”

Stop me if any of this is sounding familiar.

This is the old me, the conditioned “work, work, work” mentality talking. It’s the ego, the part of my brain keeping me safe and inside of my little comfort cocoon of what is.

But I choose to break down the barriers and question the instructions that were handed down to me.

I choose to believe that I can have everything I want. That it is possible to be successful at life, earn a great living, be the best damn mom I can be, And take time to love on myself.

I’m a rebel and I choose to believe that life really can be that easy.

In fact, I believe that it is actually supposed to be that easy!

You don’t have to work yourself to the bone in order to be successful. To find true success in life you MUST create habits that fulfill every part of who you are: the mom, the leader, and the woman on the inside.


Allowing yourself to be present in the season you’re in is a big part of that.

You’re “Only Here for a Little While”.

Whatever you do, take the time to appreciate each and every moment that comes. For added inspiration, click to hear the Billy Dean song (playing on a loop in my head…). If you’re anything like me you might even shed a tear, and get a chuckle out of this good ole’ 80’s throwback.

Take the time to follow your heart and pursue what’s calling you. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because it is the only thing to do.

I believe that you are here on this earth for a purpose. And the world needs you living that purpose.

We are in this together, friend.

The world is a better place when you are in a better place (mentally, physically, and spiritually) using your gifts to make things brighter for others.

If this brings up the constant battle for you over what you “should” do vs. what feels good to you, or what feels important to you, then consider this your sign to lean in and listen.

Listen to your body.

Listen to your emotions.

Honor what it shows you.

Take a stand for yourself to honor what you need over what you are “supposed” to do.

I’m here to support you with that step whenever you need it. I can help you rewrite old mental programming so that you can move forward without feeling the inner struggle you face now. There is so much freedom for you waiting on the other side.

  • Freedom to create more time for your passions, your family, And your mental and physical health.

  • Freedom to walk away from jobs and relationships that aren’t serving you anymore.

  • Freedom to know with absolute certainty that you are always supported, cared for, and loved.

But you won’t find that freedom until you rewrite the old stories that are holding you captive in the life you’re living. (The ones with all the “shoulds”.)

You deserve to feel more joy, more fulfillment, and excitement. You deserve to have more fun in life!

This is your time.

And after all, we’re “Only Here for a Little While”.

Let’s make the most of it.

Much Love,



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