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Say "Yes"
to You

You are not alive just to survive.
You deserve to live the life you dream of.


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Let's Meet

I'm Kay, An Expert in Helping You Create the Life you Want

I help women who are saying yes to everyone but themselves, tap into what they really want and need in order to create a life that brings them joy and meaning.

Six years ago I was a teacher, working 3 jobs, and nothing was ever enough.
Not enough time. Not enough money.

Not enough of what truly mattered to me.

I left for work before my baby woke up and I was lucky to get home in time to tuck her in at night.
And I was sick and tired of feeling like everything I did was for everyone but me.

I knew I needed More.
And I deserved to have it.

I dared to dream of a life with no ceiling. One that felt fun and effortless.

One that let me take my daughter to school and go on field trips together.

A life that mattered to me. One that felt fulfilling to live.

Four years ago, I took a leap of faith to create that life.
Now I help other women do the same.

Here's what I've learned...

You don't have to leave your job or pack up the car and run away to create the life of your dreams.
But you do have to dare to be honest with yourself about what you really want out of life,
and whether or not you will allow yourself to have it.

There is only one today and you deserve the freedom to choose how you live it.


Work with Me

Work privately with Kay to achieve the purpose-filled dream life you envision for yourself.

  • Follow your intuition without fear of the unknown. 

  • Get comfortable saying "No" to what drains you, leaving more time for what matters to you.

  • Address your money mindset so that you can create more of it. 

  • Free yourself from constant self-doubt and pressure in order to confidently follow your dreams without feeling guilty about it. 

Retreats & Workshops
Coming Soon

Your Investment Matters

10% of your personal investment is directly donated to local a non-profit to support women and children in need.

My personal mission is to leave this world a better place than how I found it. And your investment in yourself support's that mission for generations to come.

Happy Friends Laughing

Helping women change the world starts by helping women change their world.

Special Offer

Free Coaching
in Exchange for Research

I am currently conducting a research study and would love to ask you some questions. 

It's called a 30/30 Session

For 30 minutes I'll ask you some basic questions that will help me develop programs to help you and others like you. 
After that we will focus on you, and what feels hard for you right now.
In 30 minutes I can help you see what you can't and offer guidance to move you forward.

Client Testimonials

" I am so thankful for Kay and the deep joy her program brings me.

I find comfort in her amazing listening skills. She truly gears her program to heal the inside wounds. 


I wish every woman I know could take part in her programs.”


"I am at a loss for words as to how much Katherine has impacted my life, relationships, and future goals.

She has given me the confidence and tools to be able to succeed.

The last 6 months have been life changing.
Being able to have someone so personable, understanding and non-judgmental gave me a safe place to be able to work on everything I wanted to change in my life."


“Kay is open and easy to talk to.

I feel at home speaking with her.

She is insightful and gives useful suggestions and tools.”




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