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Rapid Reprogramming for Coaches, Creatives, and Purpose-Driven Business Owners

Imagine what’s possible when you go from questioning yourself every day, "Is this dream really going to work" having a thriving business with the impact and income you dream of without having to risk burnout, pressure, and self-neglect.

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Hi, I'm Kay

A Certified Rapid Reprogramming Coach who helps women get from confusion, procrastination, and fearing: “Is this dream really going to work?” to running a profitable, sustainable business by rewiring the subconscious stories running on autopilot in her mind.

Mind Reset for Soul-Driven Business Owners

12 weeks of private coaching to designed to dissolve the mindset blocks holding you back from creating the abundant, soul-aligned business of your dreams.

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Learn more about the Rapid Reprogramming method and see if this is the right next step for you.

Client Testimonials

"If anyone is doubting themselves regarding their business, productivity or money mindset, I highly recommend doing this work with Kay. She will help you push the doubts and questions aside to move forward in growing and developing your business.


This work has not just helped me with my business, but in every aspect of my life."


"Now, I have tools to coach myself through most of my trouble spots. 

I’ve found the confidence and self-trust to move forward in business in ways that feel authentic and aligned with my vision and heart. 


Rapid Reprogramming is truly transformative!"  


"This experience been life changing.

Being able to have someone so personable, understanding and non-judgmental gave me a safe place to be able to work on everything I wanted to change in my life. 

Kay has given me the confidence and tools to be able to succeed."


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